New Years Traditions in Baja

New Years in Baja
New Years in Baja

Grapes are an important part of New Year’s eve in Baja as well as all parts of Mexico and other Latin American communities.
Here’s what to do when you get handed grapes on New Year’s Eve.

Firstly, don’t eat them all at once.

Then you eat a grape and make a wish for the coming year.

Eat a grape, I wish (to get in good shape).

Then do the same for each of the 12 grapes and 12 strikes of the clock.

Eat a grape, I(wish for travel).

Eat a grape, (wish to spend more time with family).

On and on…

This must all be completed before the clock strikes midnight, or your wishes will not come true.


Now you are ready for a new tradition for next New Year’s Eve in your new Baja home.







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