Executive Class Buses in Mexico Make Travel Easy




If you’re traveling independently on a budget, the new executive style buses in Mexico will certainly be a lower cost choice. It will be helpful if you speak some Spanish in order to undertake some bus travel in Mexico as the ground staff will not necessarily speak English.

Even if you’re not on a tight budget; if you’re comfortable traveling around in new places and don’t mind bus travel, it may be worth considering the bus as an alternative to flying.

Executive Class Buses

These are luxurious buses that offer the latest in bus technology and comfort. Inside, the passenger cabin is closed off from the driver’s cockpit; windows are double-glazed, the cabin is air-conditioned and the suspension is excellent. You are offered a sandwich and a cold drink as you board, and some services offer complimentary coffee on board as well. A toilet is available, and TV screens also feature to play a film during the journey. Some companies also offer headphones to avoid forcing everyone to listen to the film (although in some cases you have no choice, so you may want to take your own headphones to listen to music via your MP3 player). Executive services also offer wide, reclining seats and leg supports—achieved by configuring the seat arrangement to just twenty-four or twenty-five seats on board in a 2+1 seat arrangement.

WiFi Services on Executive Class Buses

Some Executive Class bus services now offer WiFi services on-board.The service is free and enables you to send/receive email, surf the net and make internet-based phone calls from the bus using a service like Skype. Service quality varies and, depending on where you are geographically, internet signals may not be available at certain points en-route as many of Mexico’s highways traverse mountains and other wild terrains.

As an example, executive-class buses to Acapulco, with wide seats (only 24 seats aboard) are available for 50% or less of the normal flight cost. The bus leaves from the south side of Mexico City and takes about five hours. It drops you right in the middle of Acapulco (there is also service to the Diamante area of Acapulco if your hotel is situated there), and you’ll save yourself a lot of money in taxi fares to and from the airport.



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