How Many People Look at

Here is an example of the monthly report that I receive from Google. I just want every prospective client to know that is seen all over the world by thousands of people each month. Of those thousands, hundreds of people are “clicking” on particular listings for more info.


Your results for September are in.

September Snapshot

Impressions: 17,425

Clicks: 237


This is just Google, I also receive searches through Yahoo and Bing.


People are selling and people are buying.

Now is a good time to buy properties in friendly San Felipe.

We are licensed Realtors in Mexico. We are trustworthy and dependable. We research all variables in the selling and buying of real estate in the San Felipe area.  San Felipe is a friendly safe community and a great place to retire too. We can guide you all along the way to a happy and peaceful life in Baja.


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